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Successful Flexer Series Finding a Full-Time Telecommuting Job

Successful Flexer Series Finding a Full-Time Telecommuting JobSuccessful Flexer Series Finding a Full-Time Telecommuting Jobwork-at-home job first to supplement my reduced income, and eventually a new full-time career. says Nadia.Keep reading to learn more about Nadia and zu sich new job as a telecommuting interpreterSo, Nadia signed up for in the spring of 2010 hoping to find a part-time telecommuting job. After only a few months of searching, Nadia found the perfect fit a one-year contract working as a part-time Ads Quality Rater for Google Ads, through WorkForceLogic. Nadia is a native of France and welches able to put her fluency in French and English to good use by reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements, and examining text, web pages, images, and other types of information. I was able to work in the evenings and weekends on these projects, keep my day job, and continue to look for a full-time telecommuting job. she says.Because Nadia had signed up for a year-long membership to , she was able to keep searching for jobs, and in the fall of 2010, she was hired by Language Line as a French Telephone Interpreter. Working from her home office, Nadia answers in-bound calls from a variety of clients who work with Language Line for interpretation services. Nadia admits, A few years ago, I never would have considered a telecommuting job because I love to be around people and work as part of a team. But because I interact with people all day long, from places like Africa, Europe, and North America, I love it. Whats a typical day like for Nadia? It turns out, anything but typical. I work 900 am to 530 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday and I have scheduled breaks. Throughout the day, calls come in from Language Line clients from industries like finance, travel and tourism, government, hospitals, and 911 call centers. All I need is my land-line phone and a computer, and I can assist people from financial profession als working in the stock market to doctors discussing rare conditions with their patients. Sometimes I use the internet to research the correct vocabulary because the industry jargon is so varied. Every day is different and exciting.In terms of starting a family, Nadia says that telecommuting will allow her to stay at home to be close to her child. Nadia likes the idea of having a job that can travel with her, too. My husband is applying for Ph.D programs for next year, so in case we need to move, I can take this job with me. It allows him to expand his applications to more places to better his chances of being accepted.Flexible work is important to Nadia for so many of the same reasons that we all know. Because I live up in the mountains, where you cant even see another house in the area, commuting was too expensive with gas prices and the wear and tear on my car. Now, I am home every day while communicating with hundreds of people from all over the world.Our sincere congratulation s and thanks to Nadia for sharing her story with the community. We hope stories like Nadias inspire other job seekers to find their own ideal flexible job. Stay tuned for the next installment of Successful Flexers, and if you are a Successful Flexer yourself, please contact us if youd like to share your story

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Josiah Hornblower

Josiah Hornblower Josiah Hornblower Josiah HornblowerBy the time Josiah Hornblower (1729 1809), the man who built the first American steam engine, welches born in Staffordshire, England, in 1729, his father, Joseph Hornblower, was already a pioneer in the field of steam-engine construction. The elder Hornblower travelled to Cornwall, England, in 1725 to assist blacksmith-inventor Thomas Newcomen with the erection of his atmospheric steam engine at the Wheal Rose mine. Newcomens engines (then called fire engines) were used in the coal mines of Englands Black Country and the tin mines of Cornwall, pits in the earth too deep to be reached by horse power where miners often labored waist-deep in the cold water that filled the recesses that contained the coal.Into this world of innovation and industry, Josiah came of age. As a youth, he quickly learned mathematics and the engineering his father taught him and his brother Joseph. Both of the brothers went on to careers building steam engin es, heavily influenced by their fathers work with Newcomen, who built the first atmospheric steam engine in 1712 near Dudley Castle in Staffordshire. Combining Devon engineer Thomas Saverys vacuum pump technology with a cylinder and vertical piston, Newcomens steam engine used boiler-supplied steam, which condensed when the cylinder sent cold water upward, to create a vacuum. Atmospheric pressure would then force the piston downward, pull on the end of the beam it was connected to above, which then tilted the long vertical pump rods, penetrating the shaft upward to power the hochhackiger schuh that removed the water.Newcomen, an ironmonger who unlike the scientists and engineers of his day had no formal scholarly training, made a good professional match with Joseph Hornblower, a self-made religious man who passed on the practical know-how he gleaned from building Newcomens engines to his sons, both of whom entered the family business. When the elder, Jonathan, an esteemed mechanical engineer, was hired in 1745 to supervise the erection of a steam engine at a Cornwall mine, he took Josiah, then 16, along as an apprentice.But it was across the Atlantic that Josiah made his mark. The Schuyler family, owners of the Schuyler Copper Mine in Belleville, NJ, built in 1719 and said to be the oldest mine in America, ordered a Newcomen steam engine from Jonathan. Josiah was tapped to deliver the parts then build what would become the first steam engine in the New World.Josiah arrived in New York after a treacherous 12-week voyage on September 9, 1753, and proceeded to Schuylers Second River Mine, where, lacking experienced workers, he struggled for some time to get the engine up and running. In all, it took nearly a year and a half, which, as it turned out, was not long enough for the memory of his horrible crossing to fade. That wretched 12-week ordeal, an offer from Colonel Schuyler to supervise his copper mineand the charms of the beautiful Elizabeth Kingsland, daught er of Schuylers neighbor Colonel William Kingsland, ultimately induced him to stay and settle in Belleville.Complementing Josiahs engineering acumen was a gift for public service, which ultimately made him a venerated member of the Belleville community. In addition to his work at the mine, and a general store he opened in town, Josiah began a career in public service, working as a clerk in town meetings. When New Jersey established a Revolutionary government, he was elected to the states Assembly in 1779 and again in 1780, when he served as Speaker. Over the next four years he was tapped to represent Essex County in the Council. In 1785, Josiah was selected as a delegate to the Continental Congress, where he served one year before retiring from public life.He returned to focus full time on running the mine, where during the Revolutionary War, the steam engine, which had been damaged by a 1768 fire, had lain dormant. Hornblower got it working again. In 1794, he built an ore-stamping mill, the first to operate in the U.S., to take the commercial grade ore extracted from the mine and crush it for further processing. The mill was established outside Belleville, where the mines current owners, Messrs Roosevelt, Mark, and Schuyler, also built a foundry and a machine shop. There, the first steam engine to be made in America was built, based on the scheme of Newcomen that Hornblower brought with him.Ending a long and productive life, Josiah Hornblower died in Newark, NJ, in 1809. He is buried in the yard of the Dutch Reformed Church of Belleville. In 1994 Congress designated Belleville The Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, by virtue of the fact the first steam engine was built in the Roosevelt-Mark-Schuyler foundry from Hornblowers designs.Marion Hart is an independent writer.In addition to his work at the mine, and a general store he opened in town, Josiah began a career in public service, working as a clerk in town meetings.

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5 ways to invigorate your messaging to drive sales, press, and buzz

5 ways to invigorate your messaging to drive sales, press, and buzz5 ways to invigorate your messaging to drive sales, press, and buzzWhat if your messaging was your strongest business tool? How you deliver your brand to your audience plays a key role in the success of your business. Your code may be as clean as a whistle, but if you cant convey what it does in a meaningful way, youll never have any customers using it.

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5 Fast-Growing Jobs That Appreciate Military Skills

5 Fast-Growing Jobs That Appreciate Military Skills5 Fast-Growing Jobs That Appreciate Military SkillsTransitioning from military to civilian life isnt always easy. Beyond the discomfort of leaving established routines of the military lifestyle, finding a job may feel like a daunting task - especially in an organization thats probably very different from the units or agencies in your military service.If you think your military work wont translate to civilian work, think again. While they may not correspond exactly, the skills you have definitely will transfer - provided you enter the right industry. When conducting your job search, you should understand that you have precisely the skills many employers actively seek. The trick is finding ways to show them how you fit the mold of the type of employees they want.Here are 5 hot career tracks former military members should consider. Employers in these fields do appreciate military skills, once they gain an understanding of what you can do.1. CybersecurityOpen positions for cybersecurity jobs are growing at an incredibly beinahe pace. Its projected that this field will grow 28 percent by 2026. The reality is that there arent enough people to fill these jobs, especially as cyber threats grow mora sophisticated every day. According to a recent Forbes article, ex-military members are great candidates because many hands-on experiences from the battlefield translate well to the battlefield of cybersecurity. You should also knowMany companies specializing in cybersecurity have government contracts and openly advertise for candidates who possess government security clearances. If youve held one, be koranvers to let employers know.Cybersecurity companies often seek former service members due to their strong work ethic and understanding of the need to follow protocol.If you have a college degree, you can enter this field in a position above entry level once youre certified. Even if you arent yet qualified, you can get trai ned and certified through programs to help veterans gain the required credentials.If you have military experience in cybersecurity, you should easily find a job. Recruiters and supervisors often believe that technical skills can easily be taught, but the analytical and critical thinking skills acquired through military experience are fruchtwein valuable.2. ConstructionIf you like to work with your hands, construction is a great avenue to pursue. This industry is growing at a rate thats fehlte nicht vieler than average, so chances are you can land a managerial or specialized labor position. This is especially true if youve already had job experience or are qualified in the operation of heavy equipment. Many companies actively seek former military members for their knowledge, work ethic, and skills. Managerial positions usually require a college degree for most labor positions, a high school diploma or equivalency is needed. As a resource, you can explore the Helmets to Hardhats websi te for assistance in joining this field.3. Home healthcareThe healthcare field is growing at an incredibly fast rate - but home health aides are in especially high demand, project to grow 41 percent by 2026. To qualify, youll need a high school diploma (or equivalent) and some on-the-job-training. Employers in the healthcare field wont just be looking for actual knowledge and experience they also look at soft skills, such asCommunication and people skillsOrganization and punctualityCritical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving abilitiesFlexibility to adapt and improvise when neededPeople working as home health aides (and in other healthcare jobs) need to possess these qualities. Since these skills are also relied upon by the military, youll have a great competitive advantage in the healthcare field. Getting CPR certified, or renewing your CPR certification if its been more than two years, is a smart way to expand your healthcare skill set and put yourself in greater demand.4. Logistics and operationsIn the age of rapid delivery, e-commerce continues to grow, and customers have high expectations. Businesses today work hard to get their merchandise to buyers as fast as they can. If a companys logistics and operations processes dont run like clockwork, they know theyll fall behind their competition.Logistics and operations positions were recently listed at the top of the list of in-demand jobs for veterans in 2018. If you want to land such a position, youll need a bachelors degree and leadership experience to qualify. If you dont have a degree, look into education benefits for veterans and/or getting college credit for military service and/or training.5. Skilled tradesIf youre interested in transitioning to a specialized trade that draws upon your military experience, consider these jobsPlumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters The number of jobs growing in this field is expected to grow 16 percent by 2026, which is much faster than average.Electricians This field is anticipated to grow 9 percent by 2026, about as fast as average. This is one steady job that wont be obsolete anytime soon.Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers Another trade that is forecast to grow at a rapid pace- 15 percent by 2026.These are just a few examples of in-demand jobs in the skilled trades. For most jobs, youll need a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify, along with an apprenticeship and/or actual on-the-job experience. Some positions may require passing a postsecondary course.The Key Is Finding Your NicheJobs are available out there, but identifying your niche can be overwhelming after separating from the service. If youre having difficulty or arent sure where to start your job search, try exploring the Veterans Employment Center website. If youre worried because you arent sure how employers will appreciate your knowledge and experience, you can try using an online skills translator to help you build your rsum. Another important factor to think about is whether you want to relocate after separating from the service. If so, you might want to consider seeking a job in one of the top veteran-friendly states.When you leave the military, there are so many things to think about as you re-acclimate to civilian life. Finding a job will probably be at the top of your priority list. Fortunately, companies today have become highly appreciative of veterans and their unique skill sets. While you wont necessarily find the exact equivalent of your military job in the civilian world, if you think outside the box, you could find yourself entering a dream career you previously hadnt considered. Brad Miller Brad Miller is a Marine Corps veteran who served two combat deployments in Afghanistan. He comes from a military family with a long tradition of service. He and his brother created The Military Guide as a straight shooters handbook to provide helpful resources to service men and women at every stage of their m ilitary careers from those first timid steps into the recruiters office to walking proudly off base with a DD-214 as a newly minted veteran and beyond.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Subscribe now for moreSee more great content and inspiring examples of resumes done right each month. Subscribe Youre subscribed Latest posts See all posts by Eric D. Halsey The Resumes of Chernobyl by Eric D. Halsey 4 Ways Creativity Can Improve Your Resume by Katherine (Tori) LutzHow to Create a First Year Elementary School Teacher Resume

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How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work

How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work Are youavoiding a difficult conversation you know you need to have? Ask yourself this question What will change if I dont have this conversation?The answer nothing.Thats right. If you avoid the conversation, nothing changes, andwhatever your situation is stays the same. You rob yourself of the ability to solve a nagging problem, or make a change for the better, or even improve your relationship with whomever it is you need to talk to.At work and in life, difficult conversations are inevitable, but they dont have to be paralyzingly difficult. By getting comfortable with the process of having these conversations, you can learn to operate from a place of empowerment rather than fear.Follow these four pillars to have successful conversations1. AssessmentThis is where most of the work comes in. You cant have a successful resolution without a clear assessment of the situation, and thatrequires prepara tion. unterstellung are not conversations to have on impulse when emotions are running high.Before the conversation takes place, clearly define the goal. What is the outcome you wish to achieve with this discussion? It can be as simple as having a better working relationship with someone, or as complicated as solving a pervasive company culture problem.Once you have a clear goal in mind, its time to assess the situation.Consider how you may be contributing to thematter, and be ready to own your part. Conflict is generally a two-way street, and its unlikely to other person in the conversation deserves all the blame.Also, be sure you dont have a hidden agenda. For example, if your goalis to have a better working relationship with someone, be careful youre not also looking to win an argument or prove someone wrong. If youre trying tolay blame somewhere, its best not to have the conversation until youre able to let go of that desire.2. ApproachPart of why the assessment is soimportant i s because it helps you determine your approach. It is critical that you avoid putting the other person on the defensive. You cant approach the conversation as if you are right and they are wrong. If you do so, it will be over before it even starts.Think of the conversation as a way to explore the situation and learn more about what is going on with the other person. Dont start with We have to talk or do anything else to suggest you think the other person is to blame for something. No one wants to feel like they are in trouble. Instead, acknowledge that there are two of you in this situation and highlight the end goal. For example, you could say, I think we have different opinions on this project, but Id really like to try to understand each other and find a way to work more effectively together.3. AttitudeYour approach will get you started on the right course, but your attitude will steer your conversation to ensure it stays on that course.You have to remain open to hearing the othe r persons perspective. That doesnt mean you have to agree, but you must acknowledge how the other person feels when you look at it from their point of view. If anyone gets defensive, youboth need to take a step back and address it.If you sense your conversation partner growing defensive, try to defuse the situation with something like, I think youre getting defensive, and thats not my intention. If you feel yourself growing defensive, acknowledge it and hit the pause button for a moment so you can collect yourself.A good way to redirect a derailing conversation is to use a contrasting statement - for example, Im not saying your work on this project isnt good enough. Youve been very committed. What I am saying is that the statistics need a bit more work. If you have to, restate the purpose of the talk. Youre not there to find fault but to work onachieving a goal together.4. ActionYou can talk until the cows come home, but if there is no action, there is no change. The action may be small. It may be something as simple as coming to understand how the other person operates and keeping that in mind.For example, you may be someonewho has lots of creative ideas and gets really excited about them. When you share them, your colleague may look to poke holes in your ideas. You can gesangsknstler that as purposefully highlighting the weaknesses of your ideas, but your colleagues intention may be trying to help strengthen your idea. These are two complementary traits that commonly clash in work environments. With the right understanding, however, you and your colleague can use these traits to become a very powerful team together.- Some conversations are more difficult than others, but with the right preparation and mindset, you may be surprised to see just how painless the process can be.A version of this article originally appeared on theAtrium Staffing blog.Michele Mavi isAtrium Staffings resident career expert.

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What You Should Do About How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin Beginning in the Next 3 Minutes

What You Should Do About How to deutsche post ag Your Resume on Linkedin Beginning in the Next 3 Minutes How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin - Overview Your very first step in the planning procedure is to specify the end objective. On the website, you can construct your professional network and engage with them. Do note that aside from your primary connection, you also need to have a back up in the event your main ISP is down. Utilize language that says, hey Im real, but it does not mean I must take myself too seriously. Including them your posts wont only enable you to reinforce your points, but it is going to also help break up long blocks of text. This takes you to a page at which you can type in a word and a useful collection of related skills will show up on the left-hand side of the webpage. These categorical tags will allow it to be a lot easier for folks to discover your post. How to Choose How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin If you make your resume public, its v isible to anybody. Answering questions in groups is a good method to receive engaged and construct your reputation. This is readily available for anybody to view and download. This hands-on workshop will direct you through the way to harness the ability of your network to do good for your work search. Much like all marketing, make sure that you have clear objectives, target the correct audience and remain on top of metrics. Publishing your articles on LinkedIn helps build your private reputation and boost exposure for your company or website. The resume is usually a dynamic marketing and advertising piece. So here are a couple of pointers to help you break in the freelancing world. Anytime you choose to construct your own audience on any social media platform you need to be clear about your targets and the resources necessary to create the channel a success. You will be able to edit it online when you have uploaded it. As stated above, working on the internet is pretty muc h the very same as working in real life. The Nuiances of How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin They arent the very best fit in for fresh graduates mainly since they dont have a lot of encounter in the very first spot. It takes just a couple of minutes and two simple measures. In the majority of instances, your smooth skills can boost your hard skills. As stated previously, evaluating smooth skills is much tougher. Functional resumes are excellent for highlighting transferable abilities that will be appropriate to your new area of work. Make sure that your resume can outshine the competition and that youre asking for a work at home job for which youre qualified. Most likely your expertise is wholly distinct. The Fundamentals of How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin Revealed The application and hiring procedure is there. A lot of people only include their present-day job. An internet job website is a site where people may come across online or virtual jobs. There are lots of s ites offering online jobs. Typically, it leaves the work seeker disillusioned, frustrated, and not as hopeful for success. Networking is essential to finding any job, and its important in finding job that permits you to work at home as well. Its your opportunity to add things which dont necessarily work on a resume but that are still related to your job search. Looking carefully at these suggestions should help you locate the ideal freelance job to boost your life. Use keywords and phrases which you would see in a work description that would interest you. Have a look at the dates on job listings to be certain theyre current opportunities. The Little-Known Secrets to How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin A similar page ought to be created on LinkedIn, an amazing distributions-mix to network with others in your area of interest. The great thing is that you may also add resume on LinkedIn. If you would like to be found on LinkedIn, you need to possess the keywords folks are searc hing for in your profile. There are two methods to receive your resume onto LinkedIn. The Demise of How to Post Your Resume on Linkedin These six steps will be able to help you build a highly effective plan to acquire the desired effects in your job search. If you sign into your account, then decide on the Profile menu from the bar at the very top, theres a choice to Edit, and from those extended options, the choice to Import Resume. The above mentioned step can help you to launch the Edit intro window. Following that, you then get presented with a set of job listings.

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The Appeal of Non Profit Resume Writing Service

The Appeal of Non Profit Resume Writing Service You need to have a well-written resume if youre serious about landing a pharmacy technician job. Instead, youre highlight relevant abilities and achievements from previous work in the neatly-aligned bullet points. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously offer you an advantage. The challenge of being a true student trying to find a job tends to be a deficiency of prior job experience. When youve reviewed resumes in your field, peruse resumes across fields to learn how to vary using action verbs and receive a feel for what makes a potent accomplishment statement. Employing a resume template is getting an acceptable and smart practice for numerous explanations. Notice how the example resumes are extremely specific when it has to do with technical skills. Below, you will locate a list of resume examples that could aid you with your work search. Writing a strong application is a difficult procedure and we would like to make it simpler. If youre trying to customize professional, pre-formatted resumes, have a look at our absolutely free downloadable templates. The subsequent professional resume template is suited to professional bankers, and its precisely what you want. Many also consist of supervisory and management experience and the adherence to codes and the capability to troubleshoot technical difficulties. Even if your information is in bullet format, it may totenstill be hard to quickly recognize the pertinent abilities and accomplishments which are important to the prospective employer. Discover ways to get your resume noticed. What You Need to Do About Non Profit Resume Writing Service Before You Miss Your Chance Various kinds of work in the food service industry require resumes with several of the exact same skills. 1 advantage for employers to internet resumes is the substantial cost saving in contrast to traditional hiring methods. Food service is just one of the most diffi cult industries to work in. Customer service is an important element in many jobs and its crucial that you concentrate on that in your resume. Get the Scoop on Non Profit Resume Writing Service Before Youre Too Late In most instances, you should choose professional resume-writing service in place of rely on resume samples. The main disadvantage of using resume samples is they are incredibly generic. The duration of your resume Consider the sum of information that you want to include in your resume. It is wise to limit your career information to the past ten years unless there are unusual conditions. The medical industry can be quite competitive. Maybe you need a growth opportunity in your present field. Discover how to compose a variety of forms of resumes including investment banking resumes. Ensure you highlight technical wisdom and certifications. Getting the Best Non Profit Resume Writing Service Youre able to use our resume building software to create your own from scratch. Possessing a very clear and professional resume is critical in the health care field. Everything in your resume needs to be simple to read and simple to comprehend. Whispered Non Profit Resume Writing Service Secrets Should you need some tips on how to craft the very best healthcare resume for your distinct field, have a look at our samples and the accompanying writing guides. To prove to a prospective employer that you could make a great executive, you begin by writing a professional resume. Such long resumes are not likely to catch the interest of prospective employers and could wind up in the trash bin. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often theyre utilized to secure new employment. They may be organized in different ways. Your resume, after all, isnt an autobiography, but instead a summary of your previous experience and qualifications.